Resident Evil 6 analysis, exploiting the universe of the saga

Resident Evil 6 analysis, exploiting the universe of the saga

Oh, Resident Evil 6. What can we say about this game that hasn't already been said? After the success of Resident Evil 5 (remember, the best-selling game of Capcom until the arrival of Monster Hunter: World), the Japanese company thought: «hey, well the same people do want to hit shots and less fear» , and there they went. released their hair and began to put action everywhere, in the purest Hollywood blockbuster style. Already if that would put some zombie over there and some scare over there, but that was not the priority either. The result? A game repudiated by fans of survival horror but it was an absolute bestseller, which offered a hilarious and spectacular adventure, and also loaded with content.


Resident Evil 6 is a third-person action adventure with a bit of survival horror, which leads us to discover four intertwined campaigns full of shootings, explosions and situations without restraint at the service of fun and entertainment. A game designed to be enjoyed in a cooperative, and if we believe that Resident Evil 5 wins integers in company, in the case of Resident Evil 6 it seems almost essential to be able to fully enjoy what


And that is the key: if we forget that this would have to be a survival horror and embrace the cooperative action that ended up being, we will have a great time. After all, it is a very varied game with a lot of content, with a popcorn proposal that always goes well. Their campaigns have their ups and downs, just as we will find their least inspired moments, but in general they are very entertaining. Each also has a slightly different approach. Chris's is thrown headlong by the action without looking back, Leon's, from time to time, reminds of a survival horror, that of Jake and Sherry try to find a kind of halfway between action, exploration and escape, and Finally, Ada's is like a little more experimental and has a bit of everything.


Like many games of the time, it is a matter of resorting to the vices of that time, such as quick time events totally outdated that today, the truth, are totally expendable. Some of the action sequences are so excessive that you simply have to laugh, but within that chaos there are many things to appreciate. Combat, for example, has many more possibilities. If we play it with the idea of ​​Resident Evil 4 we will not appreciate it, since it is designed to combine the shots with the melee action, jumping, dodging, sliding ... and there is much that went unnoticed in his day.


Note that, as expected, we have all the additional content created for the game so far, without forgetting that the base edition was already quite full, as very interesting ways such as becoming an enemy of the game of any other player. It is, without a doubt, something to keep in mind, since they can bring many hours of extra fun to the already extensive history.

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