'Today': Kanye West To Pres. Bush, 'I Would Have Chosen Different Words' (Video)

'Today': Kanye West To Pres. Bush, 'I Would Have Chosen Different Words' (Video)

While watches are the entry-point in the world of men's jewellery, many guys have taken it a step or so further. From basketball legend Micheal Jordan's signature gold hoop, to Lance Armstrong's yellow Livestrong bracelet, celebrity icons are redefining the limits. Here's a list of bijou styles and who's sporting what.


The announced tonight was Best Female Video. This presented by Shakira and Taylor Lautner. Shakira wore a short, strapless and flashy, gray and black dress. Sarah clarke wore a decent dark gray suit. The moonman award went to Taylor Quick. Taylor, dressed in which have white, sequined, one shoulder dress began her acceptance speech on stage. And also quality . rude yeezys appeared relating to the stage, took the microphone away from Taylor Swift and told everyone that Beyonce had one with the best videos of record. As the camera showed Beyonce, she looked shocked! Kanye walked off, returned to his seat, and the listeners began booing loudly. He flipped them off (though the TV didn't demonstrate that part). The reports say he was asked to recover from Radio City Music Arena. Anyway, after that the tv immediately cut to an Eminem skit.


Lead using the song you think is covers. If the first rap does not hook the listener, in all likelihood they won't listen to your rest of the demo. Specified your details and your are on your CD content label. Make sure you only have nothing but four tracks at one particular time.


Usher utilize a good show and the most interesting performance of this night. He previously around 50 dancers as part of entourage. That only cool if perform sing and dance, guarantee that they don't upstage you. Since he is a wonderful singer and great performer it was interesting to check the functioning. Because the dancers added to the performance, unlike the Justin Bieber performance that seemed to dancers there just in order to create up for the purpose his voice and age lacks.


Eminem won two VMA's for his latest hit song Not scared. He won Best Male Video and Hip Hop Video. Unafraid has been hitting the charts because it was delivered fresh off of Eminem's album Recovery. He is getting better as a performer and it is always exciting to see what he's going to do from then on. He left immediately after his Rhianna normal daily functioning. Em is on tour and headed back to New York for a scheduled operation. He isn't the most social artist out there, so it made sense for him to not wait around.


The label needs to be able to researched. Learn if unsolicited material is ok with them, if are usually interested within your kind of music, along with the name of the individual responsible for demos.


Taylor Swift sang your new song off of her upcoming album. Motivating the period she has performed anything off of her new album. She'd a serious look through the performance, and this had nice discover her put it back up from bubbly to pensive. fake yeezys is a natural part getting a better artist and singer.


Towards the end of the show, Beyonce gave Taylor Swift her moment back. Beyonce was awarded a moonman for Best Video of year. Beyonce, in a short, bright red, plunging neck dress, told the target audience during her acceptance speech that she remembered the actual way it felt winning her first VMA award when she was 17 in Destiny's Child. She asked Taylor Swift to be released and leave her with speech all over again.

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